Payments and fees firm presentations

1. Company presentations
Up to 20 minutes are provided, including the demonstrations in the Plenary Session or the Section Sessions.
- For the Plenary Session - 150€;
- For the Section Sessions - 125€;

2. Exhibition
Participation in the exhibition is realized with one or more exhibition modules with 1m2 horizontal and 1 m2 vertical area for the presentation of casts, materials, equipment, models, safety gear, prospects, catalogues and other products and services, related with casting production.
- For one module - 125€;
- For two modules - 200€;
- For each additional module - 50€.

3. Advertisement
The advertisement will be published simultaneously in all paper editions of the Conference – pro-gram, International Scientific Magazine "Machines, Technologies, Materials" and in the tomes of "Scientific proceedings of STU of Mechanical Engineering" and also on the webpage of the confe-rence: The advertisement is to be sent by e-mail in .pdf format.
- For one multicolor A4 page on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cover page and on the Conference website until the next conference – 250 €;
- For ½ multicolor A4 page on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cover page and on the Conference website until the next Conference – 150 €;

4. Participation of company representatives in the Conference.
Every participant in the conference will receive a folder with the conference materials – badge, program, CD with all company presentations, CD with the present market and scientific-technical information. Each participant has the right to take part in the social program – coffee breaks, par-ticipation in the "Foundry night" Cocktail and other activities.
- 55 € for one participant.


"Rostov" **** hotel, Pleven, Bulgaria
Price per night: single room – 30 €,
Double room – 40 €,
Appartment – 50 €.

Hotel “RILA”***- Sofia, Bulgaria
Price per night:
single room 30 €,
double room - 35 €

Bank transfer by в PROCREDITBANK - Bulgaria
IBAN: BG53 PRCB 9230 1449 8985 01,  
Recipient: NTS mashinostroene Industry-4.0

In the order point out "МК'16" In the order specify for "MK'16" and write your report's reference number, which you will find in the website of the conference http://www.metalcasting in the "Received Applications", which will be constantly updated;
In cash at the office of the Union of mechanical engineering: 1000 Sofia, G.S. Rakovski 108 str., fl. 4 office 411.
In cash at the registration of the conference.
1. All bank fees are paid by the participant.